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Our mission is to help people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. We want to illuminate the intricate design and overarching themes of Scripture so that people all around the world can encounter the Bible's message like never before. Because of the support of our generous patrons, we have localized videos available in 55 languages and dialects.

What Do Localized BibleProject Videos Sound Like?

Listen to voices around the globe explain how Jesus' birth introduces the upside-down nature of God's kingdom in this special version of our Luke 1-2 video.

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The Localization Process

Many people struggle to find Bible study resources in their native language. Significant meaning and nuance can be lost when a video is only translated via subtitles instead of being adapted for a specific language and culture.

We work with international teams of translators, voiceover artists, animation studios, language advisors, and quality control specialists to produce fully-localized videos for students of scripture around the world.

This diagram shows our localization workflow from start to finish. Our language advisors review each video throughout its production to ensure translation accuracy and appropriate cultural adaptation.

Have questions about BibleProject languages and localization? Check out our FAQ here.

Want to Support Our Localization Efforts?

Everything we make is available completely free because of the generosity of BibleProject’s patrons. If you would like to join BibleProject, you can give here.

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