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BibleProject Podcast

Our videos are actually animated versions of much larger conversations that have been distilled into the most salient points. In BibleProject podcast, Tim and Jon invite you into their dialogue concerning the biblical theology behind each video.
Latest Episodes
This week, we finish our How to Read the Bible podcast series with one final Q+R episode where we answer questions like, “How do we know Paul’s letters are authentic?” and “Are morning devotionals still okay?” Tune in to hear your questions answered!
Aug. 10, 2020 • 56min
The New Testament letters can be difficult to follow, but the right tools can help us unpack their rich meaning. In this episode, Tim and Jon look at 1st century letter templates, Greco-Roman rhetoric, and argument tracing. Learn more in this week’s podcast episode.
Aug. 3, 2020 • 69min
Writing a letter in Paul’s day wasn’t as simple as grabbing a pen and paper and placing the finished letter in a mailbox. In this episode, Tim and Jon explore the world of 1st century letter writing, including “cosenders,” letter drafts, the cost of production, and delivery. Listen in on this fascinating conversation.
Jul. 27, 2020 • 65min
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New Testament Letters

In this live episode, Tim and Jon interact with an audience in Dallas,...
How do the New Testament letters fit with the rest of the biblical sto...
The New Testament letters all share a core conviction that shapes how...
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Apocalyptic Literature

Is this the apocalypse? Tim and Jon begin a new series, How to Read Ap...
The Bible is filled with key moments that hinge on dreams. How did peo...
Are the Gospel accounts apocalyptic? In this episode, Tim and Jon brea...
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Parables Podcast Series

7 EPISODES • Parables are a common tool, even today, for teaching morals through short stories. But is this how Jesus used them?
7 EPISODES • Parables are a common tool, even today, for teaching morals through short stories. But is this how Jesus used them?
Parables are a common tool, even today, for teaching morals through sh...
Many of Jesus’ parables sound oddly similar to the parables of the pro...
Jesus often used parables as a means of indirect communication to crit...
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Tree of Life Podcast

Humans are like trees. This idea might seem strange to us until we see...
The tree of life represents God’s own life given as a gift to humanity...
On the first pages of the Bible, God places humans in a lush garden to...
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Exploring My Strange Bible

Exploring My Strange Bible is Tim Mackie's personal podcast, produced by The Bible Project. It’s an anthology of Tim’s lectures, sermons, and classroom teachings, collected over the last 10 years. They’ve been brought together to help you take a deeper dive into the Scriptures and the language and history of the Bible. May Bible nerds live long and prosper!
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