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Start learning at your own pace with BibleProject Classroom. Each lecture will sharpen your Bible study skills and make Scripture come alive.

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Classroom Features

Self-Paced Classes

Engage with our library of classes taught by experts in biblical studies.

Interactive Exercises

Test your knowledge with simple exercises focused on the main points from each class.

Take Notes

Easily revisit what you've learned with the Class Notebook.


Follow along with class transcripts as you watch to better retain your knowledge.

Question and Response

Finish each session with an optional question and response discussion.

Class Certificate

Completing a class is no small feat! Showcase your class certificate and keep learning with us.

Bible Classes for Everyone

Classroom equips you to confidently explore the Bible. Come to class and gain skills to read, study, and enjoy Scripture.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of Bible study experience do I need to take a class?

We've designed these courses to be accessible to people with a range of Bible knowledge. Each class will focus on tracing patterns and exploring literary designs in Scripture.

If you're new to studying the Bible, we recommend you start with our Introduction to the Hebrew Bible class. It lays a foundation for understanding the Old Testament and the study skills used throughout our library of classes. If you're totally new to Scripture, we recommend you take time to get familiar with the way BibleProject talks about the Bible by watching a video or listening to a podcast.

Do I get credit for taking a class?

When you complete a full class, you will receive a digital certificate to download. Classroom is not meant to serve as seminary or formal graduate education. We offer accessible classes for those looking to dig deeper into Scripture with guidance from biblical scholars. Though we are exploring more ways to honor the work of our Classroom participants, Classroom is not accredited through any official institution.

How can I be a student in a Classroom filming?

Thank you for your interest in participating in our live classes. Our student rosters for upcoming classes have been filled. Join our Classroom email list to stay updated on the latest releases and application information.

When will you release new classes?

Our goal is to eventually have a large library of classes available to everyone. Currently, we are aiming to release three to four classes per year.

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