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Free online Seminary Level courses

Welcome to Class

We’re excited to announce a new learning experience from the creators of BibleProject. Classroom offers accessible, diverse, and expert teachings on the Bible for people around the world, preparing students to understand and teach the Bible with greater clarity.

This is a big endeavor, and we want to make sure we get it right before we officially launch. So we’re inviting you to experience Classroom Beta and offer feedback to help us make this platform as effective as possible

Start the Jonah Primer

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Although the book of Jonah is short, it’s like a crash course on how to read the Hebrew Bible.

Jonah Primer

We offer a two-hour prep course that will prepare you for the full seminary-level course. Once you complete the primer or have adequate knowledge of the topic, you can jump into the full Classroom experience.

Jonah Full Course

Although the book of Jonah is short, it’s like a crash course on how to read the Hebrew Bible. The book of Jonah includes both narrative and poetry, includes quotations and references to other passages of Scripture, and is a microcosm of the whole story of the Hebrew Bible. In this class, you’ll take a close look at this biblical story, learn how it fits into the overarching story of the Bible, and be challenged by the author’s message about God and this rebellious prophet.

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Jonah Primer
60 - 90 Minutes
7 Units
1 Video
31 Questions
Jonah Classroom Experience
Approximately 1 Month at One Hour a Day
8 Units
45 Classroom Sessions
79 Questions

We want to hear from you

As a Beta user, you will see lots of features being added, changed, modified, or even removed. Don’t worry. But we need your feedback to make this platform the best it can be. We want to know when things break or aren’t working like they should.

Use our quick feedback tool to add comments and screenshots and send us your suggestions for Classroom.

Thank you so much for being some of the first people to use this new platform and provide valuable feedback to help us make it better for learners everywhere.

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