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Welcome to Classroom

Free online graduate-level courses from BibleProject

We’re excited to announce a new learning experience from the creators of BibleProject. Classroom offers self-paced, graduate-level theology classes online for free. The purpose of Classroom is to aid church and ministry leaders in their study and teaching of the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

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Classroom courses are live seminars with a group of six students taught by Tim or a guest professor that span two to three days and cover specific biblical subjects. We have multiple classes currently being recorded and produced for delivery in our custom designed digital classroom.

Heaven and Earth: Genesis 1 and the Narrative World of the Bible

Instructor: Dr. Tim Mackie

In this course we’ll focus on Genesis 1-11, Psalms, and the biblical wisdom literature to understand the architecture of the heavens and the earth and put Jesus’ words about the new creation into context.

From Adam to Noah: Exploring Genesis 2-5

Instructor: Dr. Tim Mackie

In this course we’ll examine the first family in the Bible. We’ll look at the narratives of Adam and Eve, the snake in the Garden, Cain and Abel, and more to see how these formative stories drive the tension of the biblical narrative.

From Noah to Abraham: Exploring Genesis 6-11

Instructor: Dr. Tim Mackie

In this course we’ll look at the story of Noah and his descendants, revealing key truths about God’s character and the covenant promise that forms the foundation of the entire biblical story.

The Story of Abraham: Exploring Genesis 12-25

Instructor: Dr. Tim Mackie

In this course we’ll explore the literary design and main themes of the story of Abraham, focusing on God’s covenant promises and the plan for a renewed creation.

The Book of Exodus

Instructor: Dr. Carmen Imes

In this course we’ll study the book of Exodus, which unfolds in two movements: the liberation from slavery in Egypt and the Mount Sinai narrative. This story establishes themes that are foundational to the rest of the biblical story and reveals God’s desire to partner with humanity.

1 Corinthians

Instructor: Dr. Lucy Peppiat

In this class we’ll study Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, where we’ll find some of the earliest statements about the nature and purpose of the Church, the divine identity of Jesus, and the future hope of the resurrection.

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