Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

Reading Skills
Dr. Tim Mackie

Have you ever wondered where the Bible came from? This class is all about the origins of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and how to develop the skills necessary for reading it well. We’ll explore the biblical and historical data about the production of the biblical scrolls, focusing on why and how these texts were formed into a unified collection. We’ll also cover some of the most important skills for reading biblical narrative and poetry so that you can take your own study of the Bible to the next level.

14 Hours 45 Minutes
  1. The Shape of the Hebrew Bible
    Module 1
    Sessions 1-6
    The Shape of the Hebrew Bible
    What is the Hebrew Bible? Explore this and how it's organized as the TaNaK.
  2. The Origin of the Hebrew Bible
    Module 2
    Sessions 7-13
    The Origin of the Hebrew Bible
    Explore the unique nature of the Hebrew Bible and how it should shape the way we read it.
  3. Interpreting Hebrew Poetry
    Module 3
    Sessions 14-17
    Interpreting Hebrew Poetry
    How do we read poetry in the Bible? Take a deep dive into Hebrew poetry and discover its most common conventions and how it communicates.
  4. Interpreting Biblical Narrative
    Module 4
    Sessions 18-21
    Interpreting Biblical Narrative
    Narrative is the most common form of literature in the Hebrew Bible. Gain the tools needed to read it.
  5. Repeated Words and Design Patterns
    Module 5
    Sessions 22-29
    Repeated Words and Design Patterns
    Sharpen your understanding of repeated words and design patterns found in the Bible.
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