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Hidden Sevens and Practical Sabbath: Seventh-Day Rest Q+R 2

Listen in to the second question and response episode on the biblical theme of Sabbath and seventh-day rest.

Episode 12
Dec 19, 2019
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Tim and Jon Responded to these questions:

David from Arizona (2:25)

My question is, does the frequent occurrence of the number seven and the seventh day in Genesis, Exodus, and the rest of the Bible have more to do with the authors creating design patterns within the narrative to make theological claims? Or is it actually how God himself worked in history? Maybe these are synonymous, but I would love to hear your response.

Ashley from Arizona (13:30) I have a question for you regarding Jesus' words during his miracle at the wedding at Cana. When his mother points out that there is no wine, he takes six water pots used for purification and and then puts water in them and then turns those into wine. There seems to be a connection maybe with the six and bringing the best wine out last. But I'm wondering what the connection is between cups of wine in the seventh day. Is that a thing? Thanks so much for your thoughts and all the work you do.

Jesse from North New Zealand (20:50) I was wondering about the practical implications of the theological discussion that you've been having. Jews have been practicing Sabbath rest and Sabbath observance for millennia, yet Christians kind of gave up on that a few centuries ago. Should we as Christians go back to Sabbath observance? Is there something more there that I've missed? What are the implications of this Sabbath rest for us as Christians in the world?

Jisca from Rwanda (25:34) How do we apply the principle of rest in our time as Christians. What do we do with the inclination to rest on the seventh day? How do we live it out on a daily basis? Thank you.

John from Malaysia (25:55) I work in the construction industry here, and it's common for people to work six days a week. This has truly made me appreciate the one day of rest that I get every week. However, a lot of my friends who work a normal five-day week say that working six days in today's world can be way too tiring. Could you share thoughts on the practicality of still working six days and resting one day in a modern world? And on the flip side of that, what are the biblical implications if I do not take a break by continually working seven days a week? Thanks for all you do, guys. I love your podcast. Keep it up.


  • To Hell With The Hustle by Jefferson Bethke
  • The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer
  • God Dwells with Us: Temple Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel by Mary Coloe
  • The Subversive Sabbath by A.J. Swaboda
  • At Home with God: A Complete Liturgical Guide for the Christian Home by Gavin Long

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