Ezekiel 1-48
Dr. Tim Mackie

What happens when God’s chosen people take the place God intended as a hub of his life-giving presence and corrupt it into a source of abuse and injustice? Walk with Ezekiel through the tragic loss of the temple in Jerusalem to see how God will bring restoration, hope, and new life on the other side of exile.

16 Hours 32 Minutes
  1. Introduction to Ezekiel
    Module 1
    Sessions 1-4
    Introduction to Ezekiel
    Trace the outline of the book of Ezekiel, and learn how this scroll is woven into the family quilt of the Hebrew Bible.
  2. Visions of Yahweh Leaving and Destroying the Temple
    Module 2
    Sessions 5-9
    Visions of Yahweh Leaving and Destroying the Temple
    In the opening chapters of Ezekiel, the prophet receives visions from God showing the temple is corrupt and God’s presence is leaving.
  3. Oracles Against Israel
    Module 3
    Sessions 10-14
    Oracles Against Israel
    God brings his case against his unfaithful covenant partners. Explore the movement at the center of the Ezekiel scroll.
  4. Israel’s Judgment Fulfilled
    Module 4
    Sessions 15-18
    Israel’s Judgment Fulfilled
    God’s judgment against Israel comes to its fulfillment in the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple.
  5. Israel’s Renewal and Restoration
    Module 5
    Sessions 19-24
    Israel’s Renewal and Restoration
    The Ezekiel scroll transitions from oracles of judgment to visions of hope. Watch as God gives Ezekiel a glimpse of restoration for his covenant partners.
  6. Ezekiel’s Temple Vision
    Module 6
    Sessions 25-29
    Ezekiel’s Temple Vision
    As the book concludes, tour Ezekiel’s vision of God’s new temple and glimpse yet another piece of the mosaic of a renewed Heaven and Earth.
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