Exodus Overview

Exodus 1-40
Dr. Carmen Imes

Join guest instructor Dr. Carmen Imes to explore the structure and main themes of the book of Exodus. Study the impact of God’s covenant with Israel to learn what it means when God moves into the neighborhood.

13 Hours 28 Minutes
  1. Moses Delivered and Commissioned
    Module 1
    Sessions 1-6
    Moses Delivered and Commissioned
    Examine the context and setting of the exodus event. Learn how the story of Moses sets up the pattern for the rest of the book of Exodus.
  2. Exodus from Egypt
    Module 2
    Sessions 7-14
    Exodus from Egypt
    Walk scene-by-scene through the dramatic confrontation between Yahweh and Pharaoh. Reflect on how God’s justice and mercy work together through these challenging passages containing the 10 plagues.
  3. A Covenant at Mount Sinai
    Module 3
    Sessions 15-22
    A Covenant at Mount Sinai
    Examine God’s commandments in their historical and literary context to better understand their meaning and see how they teach us about God’s character and nature.
  4. Presence in the Tabernacle
    Module 4
    Sessions 23-28
    Presence in the Tabernacle
    Will Israel’s sin stop God’s plan? Follow the themes of liberation, creation, participation, and presence through to their conclusion in the final chapters of Exodus.
  5. Reflecting on Exodus
    Module 5
    Sessions 29-30
    Reflecting on Exodus
    Reflect on insights learned in this class and explore potential ways to share them with others.
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