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Love in the Bible

An Introduction With Key Information & Helpful Resources

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The Bible describes love as the essence of God’s character and the defining nature of his selfless, life-giving relationship with humanity.
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That’s right. Through storytelling, poetry, and discourse, biblical authors display the nature of God’s love while showing how others respond with love (or lack of love) to him and others.


The Big Idea

The Bible ultimately describes love as the act of putting others before oneself—serving the interest and well-being of another.

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In the Bible, love includes positive affection for others, but it also includes selfless actions, such as hospitality and generously giving to those in need (Romans 12:13). Jesus invites his followers to consider the radical way he loves and forgives them, and he tells them to do the same for both their friends and enemies without reservation or end (Luke 6:35, John 13:34).

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