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Redeeming Disappointment

Dr. Carissa Quinn
What should we do when people we look up to really disappoint us?

What should we do when people we look up to really disappoint us? In this study, we look at the book of Kings, where we discover a long line of disappointing leaders. It’s painful when someone we admire lets us down. So what do we do? Let’s reflect together. Listen to the message, watch the video, open your Bible, and interact with the questions below.


Listen to a short message from Carissa on the books of 1-2 Kings. You can listen to this on your own or with a group. If you are leading a small group or family, feel free to listen to the message and contextualize it for your needs.
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Carissa's Message on 1-2 Kings
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Read and Discuss

Reflection 1:

Video Question
What image stood out to you in the video and why?

Message Question
How did Carissa’s message challenge or encourage you today?

The book of Kings reflects on how Israel ended up in exile. The kings failed. The people walked out on the one true God and worshiped idols that couldn’t save them. But God would still keep his promise. The promised King would still come. This King would be the true David and a better Solomon. He would lead God’s people with wisdom, unite the nations, and make a way for God’s presence to be with his people. And this is exactly who Jesus is. He is the promised and perfect King. So wherever people disappoint, King Jesus is right there, inviting us into the beauty of his temple—his perfect presence.

Let’s reflect more on this together. Feel free to reflect on all the questions or just a few right now. You can also reflect throughout the week by focusing on one question per day.

Reflection 1:

As you review today’s passage, what garden imagery do you notice?

Reflection 2:

Read Psalm 80:1 and Psalm 99:1 and note where God’s presence is enthroned. Compare today’s passage with Genesis 3:24. What did the cherubim guard in the garden and in the temple?

Reflection 3:

The cherubim guarded the curtain entrance to the holy of holies (see Exodus 26:31-34, 2 Chronicles 3:10-14). With this in mind, read Matthew 27:50-51, Hebrews 10:19-21, and Hebrews 6:19-20. How did Jesus’ death impact the entrance to the holy place, and how is this significant?

Reflection 4:

No one could do what Jesus accomplished in his death and resurrection. Where people fall short, Jesus measures up. Are you disappointed with someone right now? Take some time to express exactly how you feel in a prayer to God right now.

Reflection 5:

How has Jesus faced similar disappointments? Remember, he’s felt betrayal and disappointment just like you. Think about it and take some time to empathize with him.

Reflection 6:

Jesus’ perfect presence can heal our disappointments. Are you ready to forgive the person who disappointed you? What specific characteristic of Jesus can you rely on in place of your disappointment? What could it look like for you to spend time this week to intentionally remember this characteristic of Jesus?

Reflection 7:

Turn your reflections into a prayer now. Express your gratitude to Jesus for opening the doors to freely receive the presence of God. Be honest about the places in your life that need his mercy, forgive others who need your mercy, and appoint his character to cover every area of disappointment.

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