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10 These are the proverbs of Solomon. A wise son makes his father glad. But a foolish son brings sorrow… 11 The Lord hates it when people use scales to cheat others. But he is delighted when people use honest… 12 Anyone who loves correction loves knowledge. Anyone who hates to be corrected is stupid. 13 A wise son pays attention to what his father teaches him. But anyone who makes fun of others doesn’t… 14 A wise woman builds her house. But a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands. 15 A gentle answer turns anger away. But mean words stir up anger. 16 People make plans in their hearts. But the Lord puts the correct answer on their tongues. 17 It is better to eat a dry crust of bread in peace and quiet than to eat a big dinner in a house full… 18 A person who isn’t friendly looks out only for themselves. They oppose all good sense by starting fi… 19 It is better to be poor and to live without blame than to be foolish and to twist words around. 20 Wine causes you to make fun of others, and beer causes you to start fights. Anyone who is led astray… 21 In the Lord’s hand the king’s heart is like a stream of water. The Lord directs it toward all those … 22 Saying 1 23 Saying 7 24 Saying 20 25 These are more proverbs of Solomon. They were gathered together by the men of Hezekiah, the king of … 26 It isn’t proper to honor a foolish person. That’s like having snow in summer or rain at harvest time… 27 Don’t brag about tomorrow. You don’t know what a day will bring. 28 Sinners run away even when no one is chasing them. But those who do what is right are as bold as lio… 29 Whoever still won’t obey after being warned many times will suddenly be destroyed. Nothing can save …