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BibleProject Podcast
BibleProject Podcast
Word Study Discussions
6 Episodes
Follow discussions between Tim & Jon as they prepare to write various word study videos.

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Episode 1
Shema / Listen
An introduction to the Hebrew word "Shema". What does it really mean to listen?
Episode 2
Nephesh / Soul E1: You are a Soul
How did we get the word “soul” from “throat”? Tim and Jon discuss.
Episode 3
Nephesh / Soul E2: Let's Get Physical
According to the Bible, we don’t "have" souls, we "are" souls.
Episode 4
Nephesh / Soul E3: What Happens After We Die?
This is our third episode on the Hebrew word “Nephesh”. Tim and Jon discuss the Hebrew concepts of an afterlife.
Episode 5
Nephesh / Soul E4 - Q&R
A question and response episode on the topic of the Hebrew word "Nephesh".
Episode 6
Can I Get a Witness?
The entire story of the Bible can be traced through the word “witness”. It’s a word that can mean a lot of things in Christianity. Learn the history of the word and why modern usage by Christians doesn’t necessarily fit in with the Biblical usage of the word.
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