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Justice Series

Justice Q&R

Jon and Tim respond to questions on the theme of Justice.
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Episode Details

December 20, 2017
65 min

Episode Details

December 20, 2017
65 min

Show Notes

This is our last episode for 2017! Thank you to all our supporters! All of this is because of you. We’ll be back in 2018 with a full slate of exciting podcast episodes, videos, and some surprises as well!

We discussed four questions in this episode:

Questions: Jenn (3:25): “How does Jesus’ death work to satisfy God’s ‘justice’?
Corey (23:08): “How do we distinguish ‘doing justice’ from being an issue of the church or the state to address? Logan (39:05): “How do we determine who is oppressed and who isn’t? And how do we stand up against people who refuse to see the oppressed? Also, 2 Thessalonians 3:10 has been used as a case against helping the homeless… is this correct?” Vic (57:15): “What’s the relationship in the Bible between justice and power?”


"Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?" by Michael Sandel.

You can check out our video on Justice here: More resources are at:


Defender Instrumental, Rosasharn Music

Show Produced by:

Jon Collins, Dan Gummel and Matthew Halbert-Howen

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