1. What is one way this video expands your understanding of the word “righteousness”? (Video 2:45-3:12)
  2. What is one way this video expands your understanding of the word “justification”? (Video 4:28-6:01)
  3. How would you summarize the first four chapters of Romans in your own words? (Video 6:58-7:30)

Go Deeper

Christians in ancient Rome clashed with one another. Some Christians argued that the non-Jewish Christians needed to keep Jewish laws and customs to be real, righteous Christians. Others thought the Jewish law had become irrelevant. Who was right? Paul argued that Jesus is the only righteous one. As we read his letter to the Romans, we learn that Jews and non-Jews alike have missed the point. The Law cannot make someone righteous, but it can point to the one who is, Jesus, who came to make all things right. He mends the rifts that separate us from one another. Jesus’ righteousness brings people together in a united, multi-ethnic family.

Read: Romans 3:21-27

  1. Review this passage in two or three other translations. What is one thing that you observe after reading the text a few times?
  2. How did the Law and Prophets talk about the righteousness of God?
  3. How did Jesus show what righteousness really is and what it is not?
  4. The gift of righteousness that Jesus offers cannot be earned, only received. So Paul asks, “Why would we boast?” Consider one way we boast about how “right” we are. How does this dishonor the gift and the giver? What is one way we can practically honor Jesus instead?

Learn More

Jesus created a new covenant family.

Since the garden, humans have repeatedly chosen sin and rebellion over living by God’s wisdom. God’s covenants with his human partners were imperfect, and humans failed to be faithful to the agreement. But Jesus established a new covenant that is open to all people, Jew and Gentile, creating a multiethnic family of God where self-giving love and forgiveness are at the center of everything.

The Gospel Explained

The book of Romans is a detailed explanation of the Gospel message written by Paul to the church in Rome. See how Paul lays out the surprising message of Jesus' new covenant in this carefully crafted letter.

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