Holy Spirit

What does the phrase "the Holy Spirit" mean?

Watch and Discuss Together

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Describe how the Spirit is first introduced in the Hebrew Bible by reading Genesis 1:1-3. What does God’s ruakh (spirit, breath, wind) do in this passage?


God’s Spirit empowers others for specific tasks. Read Genesis 41:16-39, Exodus 35:29-35, and Isaiah 61:1-4. What tasks did God empower through his Spirit, and what do these tasks have in common?


Read the account of Jesus’ baptism in Matthew 3:16-17. Compare the presence of the Spirit (above the baptism waters) in this scene with the presence of the Spirit (above the chaotic waters) in Genesis 1:1-3. How does this comparison help us see that Jesus is the beginning of a new creation?


Read John 20:11-23, Acts 1:1-8, and Acts 2:32-39. What did Jesus give the disciples after his resurrection? How did the disciples receive Jesus’ gift, and what did his gift specifically empower them to do?


Take time to discuss other themes or key takeaways from what you read together.

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