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Wisdom Series

Job E3: Job vs. Elihu

This is our third and final conversation about the book of Job. First we talk about Elihu, a character that seems to pop up our of nowhere. Then we talk about chapter 28 in Job, how it stands apart from the rest of the speeches and gives us a clue as to what the point of the whole book is. Then we talk about the final showdown. God responds to Job’s accusations of being unjust and unfair.
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Episode Details

September 10, 2016
59 min

Episode Details

September 10, 2016
59 min

Show Notes

In this episode, Tim and Jon try to tackle some of the glaring questions about the story of Job. They talk about the surprise friend, Elihu, who seems to show up out of nowhere towards the end of the story. They also spend some time discussing Job’s speech in chapter 28. There’s a lot to unpack in that chapter, and understanding it may give us clues as to what this book is all about. Finally the guys look at Job’s final showdown with God and how God responds to Job’s accusations of being unjust and unfair.

In the first part of the episode (01:53-07:29), the guys talk about Job’s surprise friend, Elihu. He comes into the story and reaffirms for Job that God is just, but he also hints at a more complex understanding of God’s justice. Yes, he is just, but he’s also God, and he’s capable of disciplining someone to avoid future suffering.

In the second part of the episode (07:51-17:22), the guys discuss Job’s speech in Chapter 28. This chapter is all about God’s divine wisdom. Job talks about humans as creative and ingenious, but they also can’t fully access God’s wisdom or understand his ways. In the next part of the episode (17:43-30:41), Tim and Jon talk about God’s response to Job’s accusations. God basically gives Job a virtual tour of the universe, describing all of the incredible things that he has created. We see here that Job doesn’t really have the vantage point by which to accuse God. In the next part of the episode (31:04-46:20), the guys talk about the Behemoth and the Leviathan, ancient creatures that God brings up during his tour of the universe. Why would the author choose to include this? We can see that even in God’s good world, there can be suffering and tragedy only because the world is a raw and wild place. In the final part of the episode (46:47-59:11), the guys talk about Job’s repentance and humility before God at the end of the book. Job’s story teaches us that God doesn’t always run the world on the principle of just recompense. Video: This episode is designed to accompany our video on the book of Job. You can view it on our youtube channel here:

Scripture References: Job, Psalm 74, Isaiah 27, Revelation 12

Show Music: Defender Instrumental by Rosasharn Music; Blue Skies by Unwritten Stories; Flooded Meadows by Unwritten Stories

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