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BibleProject Podcast
BibleProject Podcast
The Law
2 Episodes
Follow discussions between Tim & Jon as they prepare to write the theme video on "The Law." Jon discovers there are actually 613 different commands given to the Israelite people, the most famous of which is the Ten Commandments.

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Episode 1
Intro to Biblical Law
Tim and Jon discuss why God gave so many laws to ancient Israel in the Bible. There are 613 laws found in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, and they were the basis of God's covenant with Israel. What role does the laws play in relationship to the overall narrative of the Old Testament?
Episode 2
The Prophets
Tim and Jon discuss the metaphors used by Moses and The Prophets for why humans are incapable of obeying the law and how God plans to fix it. We discuss Jesus' teaching on the law, the Great Command, and how his followers dealt with the law.
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