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Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
The Amazing Jonah
5 Episodes
Tim takes you on a 5 part journey through the book of Jonah.

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Episode 1
Running From Your Life
Many of us know the story of Jonah as the one about the guy who got swallowed by a whale. And while that did happen, it’s only a couple sentences of the story!
Episode 2
Asleep at the Wheel
In this episode we begin chapter 1 in the book of the ancient prophet Jonah.
Episode 3
A Severe Mercy
We are going to continue on in this teaching series exploring Jonah in chapter 2 this week.
Episode 4
Thrones & Ashes
We are exploring part 4 and 5 of this teaching, but we are diving into Jonah chapter 3.
Episode 5
When God Loves Your Enemy
This is the last of a 5 part series in the book of Jonah, and this section is one of the most puzzling parts of the book.
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