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BibleProject Podcast
BibleProject Podcast
Heaven & Earth
5 Episodes
Follow discussions between Tim & Jon as they prepare to write the theme video on "Heaven & Earth."

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Episode 1
What is the Old Testament referring to as "Heaven"?
How does the Bible talk about where God lives? Tim and Jon walk through the biblical themes of Heaven and Earth in a three part conversation.
Episode 2
Theme: Heaven & Earth P2 - When Heaven Meets Earth
In this episode we discuss why God's space and our space was torn apart, Cherubim, the prophetic hope for New Creation and how Jesus saw himself as a new temple.
Episode 3
Jesus, The Ultimate Heaven & Earth Meeting Place
How Jesus followers saw themselves as a manifestation of God's presence on earth. How to seek God's Kingdom here on earth. And what happens when I die?
Episode 4
What Did The Bible Writers Think Happens After You Die?
Tim and Jon talk about some of the confusing language in the Bible about heaven.
Episode 5
Heaven & Earth Q&R
Jon and Tim respond to questions about the theme of Heaven + Earth in the Bible.
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