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BibleProject Podcast
BibleProject Podcast
5 Episodes
Generosity is really important in the biblical story, as well as a vital part of everyday lived experience. How is this connected to scarcity, abundance, anxiety, and trust?

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Episode 1
Abundance or Scarcity
Welcome to episode one in our series on Generosity!
Episode 2
God as the Generous Host
Welcome to the second episode in our series discussing the theme of generosity and abundance in the Bible!
Episode 3
The Abraham Experiment
Welcome to our third episode discussing the theme of generosity in the Bible!
Episode 4
Jesus as the Ultimate Gift
Welcome to our final episode discussing generosity in the Bible!
Episode 5
Generosity Q+R: Overpopulation, Cain's Sacrifice & Manna Hoarding
What were Cain and Abel really doing when offering sacrifices in Genesis? Does Jesus want us to sell all our possessions? Explore this question and many others with a new perspective as we dive into your questions on Generosity.
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