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Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
Ecclesiastes Study
3 Episodes
A quick study through the book of Ecclesiastes.

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Episode 1
This is the first in a series of three episodes on the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. This is a really unique book of the Bible. It contains some of most skeptical wisdom in all of the Scriptures, sometimes scandalous and always fascinating.
Episode 2
The Gift
In this episode, we explore how how acknowledging that all of life is "vapor" (Hebrew "hevel") can lead to the enjoyment of the small and simple delights we encounter in day to day life.
Episode 3
The Limits of Labor
This is the final episode of a three-part series on the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, a truly unique book of the Bible. In this book the teachers shows how most of our daily time and energy is spent on things that are totally meaningless, which should motivate humility, integrity, and enjoyment of the simple things in life.
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