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BibleProject Podcast
BibleProject Podcast
Day of the Lord
7 Episodes
Follow discussions between Tim & Jon as they prepare to write the theme video on the BIG, BAD, "Day of the Lord."

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Episode 1
What's The Deal With Babylon?
A look into how Bible authors deal with the future of the world.
Episode 2
Pharaoh vs. The Warrior God
A discussion on the role of technology in the Bible.
Episode 3
Solomon, the Richest Man in Babylon?
Things aren't always what they seem in ancient Israel, and is it possible that there are Babylons among us today?
Episode 4
The Evil Behind Babylon
A look into Amos, Habakuk, and Zephaniah. Where does evil come from and why does it exist?
Episode 5
Jesus and the War Against Evil
Ancient Israel thinks that Jesus will lead them in war against the Romans and are surprised when Jesus alternatively goes to war with Evil itself.
Episode 6
Revelation and Jesus in Modern Politics
This is our final episode in our Day Of The Lord series. In this episode Tim and Jon discuss the book of Revelation. It's perhaps the most famous and obvious thing people think about when talking about a future “Day Of The Lord.”
Episode 7
Day of the Lord Q&R
Tim and Jon respond to questions from our listeners on the theme of the Day of the Lord.
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