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BibleProject Podcast
BibleProject Podcast
Creation Series
4 Episodes
Is the creation story only talked about in Genesis? In this podcast series, we examine Psalm 8 and Proverbs 8. Each of these poems presents a unique perspective on God’s creative work and his plan for humanity to flourish.
What You'll Learn:
  • The presence of the Creation story throughout all Scripture
  • The fulfillment of creation through Jesus

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Episode 1
Babbling Babies Rule the World
A coming king and a bunch of crying babies? Psalm 8 can seem kind of confusing. But when we look closer and understand its context, we can see that it’s actually a beautiful meditation on the image of God. Join Tim, Jon, and Carissa as they discuss this important poem.
Episode 2
In the Beginning With Lady Wisdom
Who was at the beginning of the cosmos with God? God’s Spirit, God’s word, or Lady Wisdom? Rich with ties to the creation narrative, the book of Proverbs contains important insights for how we understand both God's relationship to his creation and who Jesus is. Join Tim, Jon, and Carissa as they explore Proverbs 8.
Episode 3
Even Chaos Praises God
It’s easy to recognize the psalms as beautiful poems. But how do we understand their deeper meaning? How psalms are organized (both internally and within the book of Psalms) is just as significant to their meaning as the words themselves. In this episode, join Tim, Jon, and Carissa for a deep dive into Psalm 148, where we see Yahweh as the ideal king who restores order to all creation.
Episode 4
In the Beginning
The apostle John is the most poetic of the Gospel storytellers, but what is he really communicating with his beautiful, imagery-laden language? Join Tim, Jon, and Carissa for a closer look at John 1 and discover how John incorporates elements of the Genesis and Exodus narratives to form a portrait of how God responds to rebellious people.
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