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The Anointed

Anointing refers to pouring oil on a person or place as an act of ritual. But what does this ritual mean, and why use oil? In this podcast series, Tim and Jon discuss the theme of the anointed in the Bible and how a simple practice marks the connection between Heaven and Earth.
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Episode 7
The Anointed Question and Response
When Jesus tells Nicodemus people must be born again of water and Spirit, is that connected to the anointing theme? Is Jesus’ anointing in the Jordan supposed to remind us of the flood story? Does an antichrist have to first be a christ (anointed one)? In this episode, Tim and Jon explore your questions about the theme of the anointed. Thanks to our audience for your incredible questions!
60m • Jun 14, 2023
Episode 6
Jesus’ Anointing Ceremony
“Jesus the anointed one” is the literal translation of the Greek title “Christ,” frequently applied to Jesus. In this podcast episode, Tim and Jon discuss both this title and Jesus’ baptism, which the gospel writers depict as his anointing ceremony. Listen in as we explore the theme of the anointed in the New Testament and how Jesus’ followers become anointed ones too.
69m • Apr 17, 2023
Episode 5
The Anointed King in Psalms
David’s life gives us two parallel portrayals of what it means to be God’s anointed one: one is victorious—God’s anointed is the giant feller and the snake crusher. The other one is a suffering servant, waiting patiently in the wilderness for God’s deliverance. In today’s episode, join Tim and Jon in the Psalms, where they’ll explore both David’s victory and his suffering and discuss how Jesus saw himself living out both those roles too.
60m • Apr 10, 2023
Episode 4
Isaiah’s Anointed One
David was Israel’s greatest king, but even he failed to live as God’s anointed one. When Isaiah prophesied about the ultimate anointed one to come, he said that not only would this deliverer come from the line of David, but they would be a new David altogether. What does this mean? Learn more in this episode as Tim and Jon discuss the theme of the anointed in the Isaiah scroll.
67m • Apr 3, 2023
Episode 3
Saul the Anti-Anointed
Israel’s first anointed king, Saul, consistently makes choices that put him in conflict with God and the responsibilities God has entrusted to him. This turns Saul into the first anti-anointed one—or put another way, the first antichrist. In this episode, Tim and Jon explore the theme of anointing in the stories of Israel’s first two kings, Saul and David.
69m • Mar 27, 2023
Episode 2
What’s So Special About Oil?
What’s so special about oil? Why does the Bible specify that oil—not water or wine—must be used to anoint a person or place? In this episode, Tim and Jon continue discussing the biblical theme of anointing, exploring why God designates oil to symbolically represent the life-giving power of his Spirit.
56m • Mar 20, 2023
Episode 1
"Christ" Is Not a Name
The title most often applied to Jesus is “the anointed one”—that’s what the Greek word “christ” means! But what is the practice of anointing? What does it signify, and who gets anointed? The practice of anointing people with oil is a theme we can trace throughout the entire story of the Bible. In this episode, Tim and Jon start a brand new theme study all about anointing.
58m • Mar 13, 2023
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