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Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
New Testament Themes • Episode 3
Protecting the Witness
50m • September 4, 2017

This episode explores what the word “witness” means in the New Testament. The way this word is used in the apostles' writing is a bit different than how modern Christians have come to use it. We'll explore what it means for a group of people to bear witness to Jesus together. We'll also explore Paul's farewell speech in Acts Chapter 20 and discover how important it is to protect the witness of a church community so that its representation of Jesus is faithful and not distorted.

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This is episode three of a six part series. Several years ago when I was a pastor at Door of Hope church we challenged the entire church to read the whole New Testament in 90 days. These teachings were my attempt to guide people through the big ideas and theological themes of the New Testament.

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