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Image of God Series

God & Human's Makeover

Being remade into the Image of God is a different Christian narrative then we usually hear. Jesus is the truly human one who represents God's reign on earth and we are joined with him through the Holy Spirit to participate in that reign.
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Episode Details

February 29, 2016
47 min

Episode Details

February 29, 2016
47 min

Show Notes

In this episode, Tim and Jon talk about what it means to be remade into the image of God. This is a different Christian narrative than we usually hear, but it’s all right there in the Bible. The guys will talk about the image of God throughout the New Testament and how humans reigning on God’s behalf is part of the gospel.

In the first part of the episode (02:15-5:52), the guys confront the familiar Christian narrative that says humans are terrible and screwed up and God just puts up with us. Humans are sinful, sure, but they’re also treasured by God and a crucial part of his plan for humanity. The biblical story is not about how terrible people are. It’s about God’s plan for the world and how he will restore and heal the image of God in humans and fulfill the original calling he gave in the garden.

In the second part of the episode (06:19-12:10), Tim and Jon talk about God’s plan for humans to reign on his behalf as the image is repaired. Paul picks up the language of the image of God to talk about Jesus and the process of becoming new humans and being renewed according to the image of God.

In the next part of the episode (12:29-19:24), the guys discuss what our divine purpose is as humans. Do we try to advance the human project (moral progress), or do we withdraw (remove ourselves) as we wait for God’s new creation?

In the next part of the episode (19:46-29:50), the guys talk about what went wrong with the image of God in humans and why it’s in need of repair. How does the image of God connect to the garden and the knowledge of good and evil?

In the final part of the episode (30:21-47:19), the guys talk about the garden of Eden as it relates to God’s image. There is a familiar narrative that the garden was perfect and then humans came in and ruined everything, but as Tim will point out, it’s more complex than that. The garden was only the beginning; it had potential for perfection, but it wasn’t God’s plan for creation fully realized––not yet. Genesis is not the end of the story. As image bearers of God, there is still hope for the completion of the story and the fullness of God’s Kingdom.

Video: This episode is designed to accompany our video called, "Image of God." You can view it on our youtube channel here:


What is the Hope for Humanity? A discussion of technology, politics, and theology with N.T. Wright and Peter Thiel.

Scripture References:

Psalm 8, Genesis 1

Show Music:

Defender Instrumental by Rosasharn Music; Blue Skies by Unwritten Stories; Flooded Meadows by Unwritten Stories

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