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How To Read the Bible Series

The Bible as Jewish Meditation Literature - Jewish Scripture Meditation vs. Modern Meditation

In this episode Tim & Jon continue their conversation about Cain and Abel and why it is a good example of Jewish Meditation Literature.
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Episode Details

August 11, 2017
40 min

Episode Details

August 11, 2017
40 min

Show Notes

The Cain and Abel story is famous for its lack of detail, mysteriousness and brevity. Most of the things that modern readers find frustrating in this story are actually key features of ancient Jewish literature.

The first half of the show, (0-25:30) the guys finish the discussion on Cain and Abel.
The second half (26:00-end) Tim outlines Psalm 1 and how it describes the ideal reader of the Hebrew scriptures.
The guys also have a brief discussion on the differences between modern meditation practices and ancient Jewish meditation practice. Tim talks about the Jewish community that gave us the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, and how their habits of Scripture meditation give us a window into the kind of meditation described in Psalm 1.

This episode is designed to accompany our How To Read The Bible video series:

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Jordan B Peterson Podcast

Jerome Walsh Books

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Defender Instrumental by Rosasharn Music; Capital by Silent Partner; Voyage by Lemmino

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