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Holy Spirit Series

Holy Spirit Q&R

We respond to your questions regarding The Holy Spirit
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Episode Details

March 16, 2017
87 min

Episode Details

March 16, 2017
87 min

Show Notes

This is our very first Question and Response episode and we had a blast doing it! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions.

In this episode we fielded questions on the Holy Spirit.

  • What is the difference between spirit and soul in the Bible?
  • How do the New Testament authors portray the Holy Spirit in relation to Greek spiritual ideas?
  • Are Paul's list of spiritual gifts in the New Testament comprehensive, just examples, or something else?
  • What are some of the different interpretations and ideas of the 1 Corinthians passages on the Holy Spirit and Paul's writing saying all should desire spiritual gifts?
  • Why did the Holy Spirit come at Pentecost? And what exactly did Pentecost and associating feast mean to the Jewish people?
  • How do we know who has the Holy Spirit and who doesn't?
  • How do you hear from God through the Holy Spirit?
  • What are some good resources to learn more about the Holy Spirit?

Show Resources:

Francis Chan, "The Forgotten God"

Christopher Wright, "Knowing the Holy Spirit through the Old Testament"

Gordon Fee, "God's Empowering Presence"

Gordon Fee, "Paul, the Spirit, and the Presence of God"

Frank Viola, "Revise Us Again"

Music Credits:

Defender by Rosasharn Music

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