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Heaven and Zombies

This is the second part of a four part series of reading and reflecting on what the bible is trying to tell us about these ideas of heaven and hell and eternal life and eternal death. Make sure you go back and listen to the first episode of this series if you haven’t already!

Episode 2
Sep 18, 2017
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Show Notes

In this lecture we tackle the biblical word “heaven," and what that does and does not mean. From there we tackle the language about life and death throughout the rest of the bible.
What you’ll see pretty clearly is that biblical authors don’t see death as something that just happens to you at the end of your physical life. Rather, from page 3 of the bible on, both life and death are present realities. Basically, the concept of zombies is a biblical idea.

Most of these ideas aren’t mine. I brought together what I thought were the best scholarship and thinking and observation mixed with my own observations and synthesized it into these lectures.

I encourage you to get your bible out and notebook, or whatever you need, and take a listen!

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