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Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
New Testament Themes • Episode 1
God's Kingdom Has Arrived
50m • September 4, 2017

This is episode one of a six part series. Several years ago when I was a pastor at Door of Hope church we challenged the entire church to read the whole New Testament in 90 days. These teachings were my attempt to guide people through the big ideas and theological themes of the New Testament.

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In this teaching we explore the Gospel of Mark's introduction to Jesus and his basic message and mission. We discover that announcing the arrival of God's kingdom was Jesus' greatest priority. For the most part modern Western people have not truly heard what Jesus was trying to get across, and so the concept of God's kingdom is not familiar to most people. Instead of importing our ideas about what Christianity is, we need to recover the apostles' presentation of Jesus in the New Testament.

So this is all about Jesus’s announcement of the Kingdom of God. What did that mean? Why was that important to him? Take a listen…

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God's Kingdom Has Arrived
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