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Torah Q & R Series

Genesis 1-11 Q&R

Responses to listeners questions from Genesis 1-11.
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Episode Details

April 1, 2017
46 min

Episode Details

April 1, 2017
46 min

Show Notes

This summer we're releasing audio of Q and R's that we did on our Youtube channel talking through different books in the Old Testament. In this episode, Tim and Jon discuss Genesis 1-11, and the video they made on it. You can view the video here:

Thank you to all of our supporters and listeners. You can find more resources, all free here at our website.

Questions: Why did we leave out the snake in the video? (1:00) What is imagery of serpent in ancient culture? (3:14) Does it matter if we read Genesis literally or not? (7:15) What is the deal with genealogies in the Genesis? (14:07) Did God create the earth twice in Genesis 1 and 2? (18:28) What would have happened if Adam and Eve had not chosen the fruit in the story? (27:19) Who are "the sons of god" in Genesis 6 and the book of Enoch? (33:16)


John Walton, "The Lost World of Genesis One"

  • "The Lost World of Adam and Eve"​

  • "Genesis​, The NIV Application Commentary"

Michael Heiser, ​"The Unseen Realm"​ [for the "sons of God" in Genesis 6]

John Sailhamer, ​"Genesis"​ [in volume 1 of ​The Expositor's Bible Commentary​]

Music: Defender Instrumental by Rosasharn Music

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