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Torah Q & R Series

Exodus 1-18 Q&R

Tim and Jon respond to questions from our listeners on Exodus 1-11.
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Episode Details

April 3, 2017
39 min

Episode Details

April 3, 2017
39 min

Show Notes

This is our Q+R on Exodus 1-11. This show was originally a Youtube live video of Tim and Jon discussing questions about Exodus stories. You can view the original video Q+R here: as well as our two animated videos on the first half of the book of Exodus here: and

Thank you to all our supporters!

Q’s and Timestamps Why does God harden Pharaoh's heart? (1:30) What’s the deal with Zipporah circumcising her son in the middle of the night to save Moses in Exodus 4? (15:00) Is there any significant pattern to the order of the ten plagues? (17:42) Why would God do the plague of the firstborn and kill kids? (22:50) Is Exodus actual history or just myth? (27:45) Is Pharaoh a type of "anti christ"? (35:37)

Resources: Tim Mackie Exodus hand out link on his website:


Show music: Defender Instrumental by Rosasharn Music.

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