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Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
Ephesians Study • Episode 5
A Household of Gospel
51m • November 8, 2017
This is the fifth of a five part series that we’ve been doing on Paul letter to the Ephesians.
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This teaching is based on the last chapter of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Paul talks about how the good news about Jesus should influence the day to day relationships in the home. He talks about parents and children, and then he addresses slavery. How does slavery get re-examined and reshaped in the good news about Jesus? If the slave owner and the slave are both followers of Jesus, does that make them equal? We learn more about power and authority in this episode.

Ephesians Part 1  –  1hr 7m
Prayer for Power
1hr 7m
Ephesians Part 2  –  58m
A New Family
Ephesians Part 3  –  54m
A New Humanity
Ephesians Part 4  –  42m
Be Filled with the Spirit
Ephesians Part 5  –  51m
A Household of Gospel
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