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Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast
Ephesians Study • Episode 1
Prayer for Power
67m • October 30, 2017

This episode is the first of a five part series exploring different sections of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is a masterpiece.

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This first teaching is actually from the middle of chapter 1. It’s a prayer that Paul prays for the followers of Jesus in Ephesus. It’s an amazing prayer where he prays for power. The kind of power that Paul thinks that followers of Jesus have access to is a very different conception of power. It’s a power that was expressed when Jesus gave up his life and was resurrected by the power of love and self-sacrifice. This is exactly the kind of power that Paul wants followers of Jesus to recognize.

Ephesians Part 1  –  1hr 7m
Prayer for Power
1hr 7m
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