Slow Down and Sit With Scripture

Each week, explore a selection of content on the BibleProject app that will guide you through the Sermon on the Mount.

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It's easy to get lost studying the Bible—this year, practice meditating on Scripture with us, one section at a time.

Introducing the BibleProject Weekly Playlist

Develop a weekly habit of reflecting on Jesus’ most famous teachings

Find Your Seat in the Crowd

Join people around the world each week as we reflect on the same passage and resources in the Weekly Playlist. Wherever you’re coming from, join us as we study the words of Jesus together.

Find Your Seat in the crowd

Watch, Listen, and Learn

Learn to meditate on Scripture by focusing on small sections brought to life through videos and immersive resources.

Watch, Listen, and Learn

Develop a Rhythm of Spending Time in Scripture

Build a Bible reading habit by completing a short reflection each week.

Develop a Rhythm of Spending Time in Scripture

How It Works

Each week, explore a selection of resources curated for learning and reflection. Take 30 minutes and finish it in one session, spread it out over the week, or return to the playlist daily.

How It Works

Receive Fresh Content Weekly

Begin your week with a new playlist. Experience an audio meditation, new videos, podcast chapters, and written content to help you reflect on the beauty of Scripture.

Listen and Reflect

Listen and Reflect

Each playlist offers a question to help shape your reflection and ponder throughout your week.

Celebrate Your Journey

Celebrate Your Journey

Keep track of your learning journey and watch your understanding of Jesus’ teachings grow.

Join Us on the Hillside

Take the Pressure Off

It takes only 30 minutes a week to complete the Weekly Playlist. Find a Bible study rhythm that fits your life.

Do More Than Read

The Weekly Playlist blends audio, music, videos, and articles for a rich experience that goes beyond the typical reading plan.

Follow Your Guide

Think of the Weekly Playlist as a roadmap for Jesus’ most famous teachings, highlighting key points and the overall design of the passage.

Listen, Learn, Repeat

With multiple opportunities to explore the themes of the Sermon on the Mount, the wisdom of these teachings will stick with you long after you close the app.

Connect With Jesus’ Teachings

Each playlist invites you to slow down, pause, and contemplate Jesus' teachings. Spend time pondering the words of Jesus and allow his message to shape your life.

The Weekly Playlist Is Available in the App Starting January 1

4.9 stars based on 1,800+ reviews from app learners

Spiritfilled Epic release, 12/31/2021


I have been using Bible Project for years in all their formats and this app just made it even easier to access all of their straight forward teaching. To use a food analogy they took all of their great WELL PREPARED food offered separately and put it all together at a buffet. It is going to make it so much easier to share with fellow believers and unbelieving friends that are willing to listen so they can learn and read the...

Frank Mistretta, 12/31/2021

Amazing resource, practically a free seminary education in your pocket

BibleProject has been an amazing resource for my walk with God. Their free videos, blog posts, podcasts, and classroom have taken my understanding of the Bible to a level that I never thought I would have. The BibleProject app takes all of these resources and puts them into a program that will teach you how to read the Bible in ways that..., 07/30/2022

Such a great study tool! Love the app.

I am the kind of person that likes to learn about the way certain scriptures of the text align and parallel to further reveal what God is communicating through the Word and this app provides just that! I get to read in many translations/versions, which is even more beneficial, with the “links” feature that describes in further detail certain portions of text through comparison, parallelism...

Journey slowly through Jesus’ words every week of the year.

The Weekly Playlist arrives on the app and in your inbox January 1.

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What are Weekly Playlists?

Weekly Playlists are a new guided experience designed to help you meditate more deeply on Scripture.

With in-depth biblical scholarship, visual engagement, and crafted narrative storytelling, our team of scholars, artists, and tech innovators will curate a playlist each week from brand-new and familiar content, including Scripture, videos, podcast chapters, articles, and more.

Should I use the app, website, or weekly emails for playlists?

Each week, our platforms will share the same Scripture, videos, podcast chapters, and articles. If you’d like to keep track of your progress, we recommend using the app, since the website doesn’t currently track progress. Resources played on the website will not show in the app’s tracked progress.

How long is each playlist?

Playlists contain approximately 30-40 minutes of material. You can go through a playlist at once and revisit it throughout the week.

How do I complete playlists?

Playlists are designed to help you meditate on small sections of the Bible. Playlist content can be completed in less than an hour, but it becomes more impactful when it’s revisited throughout the week.

By making a habit of consistently engaging the Bible and allowing it to shape us daily, we can grow in the transformative wisdom God offers us.

If you’d like to keep track of your progress, we recommend using the app with a registered BibleProject account.

Can I start Weekly Playlist emails from the beginning?

We’re unable to resend Weekly Playlist emails, but other playlists can be accessed on the app and website by using the Previous and Next buttons located at the bottom of a current playlist on the website or the Playlist Details page on the app.

Still have questions?

Find out more about Weekly Playlists in the Help Center FAQ here.