Old Testament Overviews
Through a series of dream visions, Zechariah offers the hope of a new Jerusalem to the Israelites and reminds them to stay faithful and they wait.
Explore the strange dream visions of the book of Zechariah.

These bizarre images remind God's people that they must remain faithful to the covenant if they want the new Jerusalem, messianic Kingdom, and the end of evil to come to pass. Even though the book doesn't follow a neat, orderly pattern and contains scary and bizarre images, it shows glimpses of God's hand in guiding history toward his purposes. It’s a message that’s still relevant to us today—we can look above the chaos and hope for God's Kingdom, which will motivate faithfulness in the present.

Hope for Restoration

Almost 70 years after the exile, the Israelites were experiencing hardships and wondered if the prophetic promises of a new Jerusalem would ever be fulfilled. The book of Zechariah answers this question through several dream visions, challenging God's peopel to remain faithful and hope in God’s promises.

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