Old Testament Overviews
Micah describes God's coming judgment on Israel, but it also outlines God's promise to be merciful and restore his people to the land.
Micah announces God's judgment against Israel.

Israel has exploited the poor and twisted the laws of the Torah, and God’s justice means that he will deal with them severely. But Micah’s prophecies are not without hope. The God of Israel is also faithful and full of mercy. God promises to preserve a faithful remnant, from which he will create a new Jerusalem on the other side of sin and exile.

The Good Shepherd

The book of Micah paints a picture of a just yet merciful God. Like a shepherd, God will one day gather and restore a faithful remnant to the land. He will rebuild Jerusalem, defeat evil forever, and send a messianic King to rule over the people and bless all the nations.

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