John 1
Creation Series
In this video, we explore the opening of John’s Gospel and what it means for Jesus to be called the Word of God.

The Ordering of the Cosmos

Genesis 1 shows us the immense power of God, as he separates the chaotic waters and brings order to creation. God establishes time, the sky, the sea, and the land, and then he fills these realms with inhabitants. Genesis 1 shows the carefully designed cosmos from an ancient perspective and makes clear that God’s good world is a place where Heaven and Earth overlap. It’s a place where God and humans are meant to rule alongside each other, bringing life and flourishing to all of creation.

How does God rule his creation?

The answer found in Psalm 8 may surprise you. This Hebrew poem is all about God’s majestic power in creating and ordering the cosmos. But despite his incredible power, he chooses to rule the world with his partners—lowly humans, or as they’re called in the poem, babbling babies. Babbling babies? What’s going on here? This is a metaphor that draws on the creation narrative of Genesis 1, where God elevated lowly creatures made of dirt to be his co-rulers. This passage helps us to understand the gravity of what God did in the creation narrative—choosing the weak to bring about his purposes. All of this, from the beginning pages of Scripture to the message of the psalmist, point us to the ultimate humble ruler, Jesus.

Wisdom with God in the Beginning

God carves order of darkness and chaos, and this ordering power is still at work today. As humans, we are called to partner with God in this work, and we are only able to do so through God’s wisdom. This brings us to Proverbs 8, where we meet Lady Wisdom. She is God’s wisdom personified, and Scripture tells us she was present with God in the beginning, helping to bring order out of chaos. Proverbs 8 draws upon the rich imagery found in Genesis 1 and brings a new level of understanding to the creation narrative.

Calling All Creation to Praise

Psalm 148 is a call for the whole cosmos to praise God. In the climactic conclusion of Psalm 148, we read that Israel should praise God because he has raised a horn for them. But what’s the deal with this horn? And why is God lifting it up? In this video, we explore how Psalm 148 fits into the overall story of the book of Psalms—the story of God’s promise to raise up a king who will bring victory to Israel and rescue the world.

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