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God’s justice creates future hope.

God reveals himself to Ezekiel when he was exiled in Babylon. His presence with his people has nothing to do with geographic location. It’s about the condition of their hearts. Ezekiel is faithful, and God recognizes that in him, trusting him to carry out his message to Israel.

Through Ezekiel, we learn that the spiritual is just as important as the physical. God’s power and plan for his people surpasses the physical limitations of our life on Earth, and he will make things new once again.

God Wants to Restore His People

The book of Ezekiel can be vague and confusing for some readers, but with careful reading, we can see key details of God’s character and his care for his people. Many of Ezekiel’s divine visions point to God's plans for reconstructing the present world and restoring his people to ideals of the garden of Eden.

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