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Israel has been unfaithful to Yahweh.

Amos is called to announce God’s coming judgment on the northern kingdom of Israel. Though the kingdom has seen military success and prosperity, they are spiritually bankrupt. They have totally ignored the commands of the covenant and have instead begun worshiping pagan gods and losing sight of their call to live righteously and represent Yahweh to the nations. They have become infamous for cheating, stealing, and oppressing the poor in their community. Is there any hope for Israel?

One Last Chance

God is grieved by how far Israel has fallen. But Yahweh is a merciful God, and he gives them one last chance to turn back to covenant faithfulness. God doesn't want empty religious practices from his people. He wants to see his love for people reflected through the Israelites and faithfulness to Yahweh alone, but this can only come through renewed hearts.

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