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Spiritual beings are key to the biblical story, and their actions are far more connected to humanity than we might realize. Learn more with this series.

7 Episodes

Episode 1
Intro to Spiritual Beings
In the opening pages of the Bible, God creates two overlapping realms, the heavens and the earth. This is where the drama of the biblical storyline takes place. Many of us are familiar with the earthly drama. Humans are given a wonderful garden to rule on God’s behalf, but they lose access to this paradise because of a foolish rebellion. But the biblical authors want us to see another set of characters, the inhabitants of the heavenly realm who are also heavily involved in this earthly story.
Episode 2
Did you know that the biblical word for God, elohim, is actually a title and not a name? And did you know that elohim can refer to other spiritual beings as well as to the creator God? In this video, we explore the biblical terminology for spiritual beings and how this helps us understand what the Bible means when it says that “God is one.”
Episode 3
Divine Council
What is the divine council? This biblical phrase is used to describe God's heavenly "staff team." These spiritual powers were created to have authority alongside humans, but everyone rebels and creates huge problems that only Jesus can resolve. We dig into all of this and more in episode three of our Spiritual Beings series.
Episode 4
Angels and Cherubim
Did you know that angels in the Bible don’t have wings? Or that cherubim are not cute, chubby babies? In this video, we explore the biblical portrayals of angels and cherubim to understand just who they are and what role they play in the story of the Bible.
Episode 5
Angel of the Lord
The Angel of the Lord is one of the most fascinating spiritual beings in the Hebrew Scriptures. Every time this figure appears, he’s depicted as if he is God, but also an angel sent by God. In this video, we explore this paradoxical character and discover how he prepares us for the grand claims that will be made about Jesus in the New Testament.
Episode 6
The Satan and Demons
The storyline of the Bible presents a populated spiritual world full of creatures who are in rebellion against their Creator, just like humans. For lots of fascinating reasons, our modern conceptions of the Satan and demons are based on serious misunderstandings of the Bible. So let’s go back to the book of Genesis and start over as we learn about the powers of spiritual evil in the story of the Bible.
Episode 7
The New Humanity
In the opening pages of the Bible, God appoints humans to rule the world on his behalf. But when they rebel, the biblical story leads us on a search for a new humanity that will be God’s faithful partners forever. This is the plot conflict of the biblical story that leads to Jesus, and we explore it in this final video of our Spiritual Being series.
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