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Free animated videos and resources to help people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

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Our Overview series gives a high level summary of each book of the Bible and are a great place to start if you are not sure where to begin. Watch our videos during your personal study, at church, school, with a small group or at home with family. Our content is a great guide, especially when used alongside of a reading plan or while using YouVersion's free Bible app.

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Process Series
BibleProject Podcast
Spiritual Beings
Word Studies
How to Read the Bible
New Testament
The Wisdom Series
Luke-Acts Series
Old Testament
Studio News
Biblical Themes
The Torah Series
Process Series
Choosing Our Video Topics: Process Series
Biblical Scholarship: Process Series
The Habit of Open-Mindedness: Process Series
The Mind of a Researcher: Process Series
BibleProject Podcast
Is the Tree of Life Practical? - BibleProject Podcast
The Satan and Demons Question and Response - BibleProject
Does the Bible Predict the End of the World? - BibleProject Podcast on Apocalypse
Spiritual Beings
Intro to Spiritual Beings
The Divine Council
Angels and Cherubim
Angel of the Lord
The Satan and Demons
The New Humanity
Word Studies
Word Study: Khata - "Sin"
Word Study: Pesha - "Transgression"
Word Study: Avon - "Iniquity"
Word Study: Shema - "Listen"
Word Study: YHWH - "LORD"
Word Study: Ahavah - "Love"
Word Study: Lev - "Heart"
Word Study: Nephesh - "Soul"
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How to Read the Bible
How to Read the Bible: What is the Bible?
How to Read the Bible: Biblical Story
How to Read the Bible: Literary Styles
How to Read the Bible: Ancient Jewish Meditation Literature
How to Read the Bible: Plot
How to Read the Bible: Character
How to Read the Bible: Setting
How to Read the Bible: Design Patterns
More Videos
New Testament
Overview: New Testament
Overview: Matthew Ch. 1-13
Overview: Matthew Ch. 14-28
Overview: Mark
Overview: John Ch. 1-12
Overview: John Ch. 13-21
Overview: Luke Ch. 1-9
Overview: Luke Ch. 10-24
More Videos
The Wisdom Series
The Book of Proverbs
The Book of Ecclesiastes
The Book of Job
Luke-Acts Series
The Birth of Jesus - Gospel of Luke Ch. 1-2
Gospel of Luke Ch. 3-9
The Prodigal Son - Gospel of Luke Ch. 9-19
Gospel of Luke Ch. 19-23
Gospel of Luke Ch. 24
Acts Ch. 1-7
Acts Ch. 8-12
Acts Ch. 13-20
More Videos
Old Testament
Overview: TaNaK / Old Testament
Overview: Genesis Ch. 1-11
Overview: Genesis Ch. 12-50
Overview: Exodus Ch. 1 -18
Overview: Exodus Ch. 19-40
Overview: Leviticus
Overview: Numbers
Overview: Deuteronomy
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Studio News
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Season 5 Preview
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Biblical Themes
Tree of Life
Holy Spirit
The Law
The Way of the Exile
More Videos
The Torah Series
The Book of Genesis - Part 1 of 2
The Book of Genesis - Part 2 of 2
The Book of Exodus - Part 1 of 2
The Book of Exodus - Part 2 of 2
The Book of Leviticus
The Book of Numbers
The Book of Deuteronomy

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