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First Party Cookies

  • homepage-visited

    • Functionality
    • Used to determine if user has seen homepage. Used to show or hide UI elements depending.
  • october_session

    • Functionality/Strictly Necessary
    • Stores user session information (store cart items, redirect info, flash messages, etc.).
  • user_auth

    • Functionality/Strictly Necessary
    • Stores user authentication status information. Needed for logins.
  • notification-bar-[code]

    • Functionality
    • Stores user notification banner dismissals.
  • ipinfo

    • Functionality/Strictly Necessary
    • Stores user IP information for localization.
  • localePref

    • Functionality/Strictly Necessary
    • Stores user localization preferences.

    • Analytics
    • Facilitates a common user ID for analytics matching across browsers/devices.
  • terms_dismiss

    • Functionality
    • Remembers user preference for closing the terms and conditions window.
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