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Introducing Reflections

A new podcast by BibleProject

New Year, New Podcast

Introducing Reflections, a new micropodcast from BibleProject. Each episode includes a short message from one of our Bible scholars, a narration of a Scripture passage, and a time to reflect and respond to a series of thoughtful questions.

Experience the Story of Jesus Wherever You Are

Reflections is a way to experience the story of Jesus and meet with God wherever you are. When your hands aren’t free to open your Bible, listen in and reflect while you go about your day. And when you have extra time, take a moment to write down your thoughts during the question and reflection segment. We want this podcast to support and encourage you wherever you are.

We Relate to Your Questions

Each episode of Reflections explores a different question. We dig into things like why humans are given free choice, how God responds to suffering, and what it means to be a part of the family of God. There are meaningful answers to these questions in the Bible, and when we take time to reflect on biblical wisdom, we better understand God’s character and who he made us to be.

Read the Bible in One Year

This year, Reflections will follow our one-year Bible reading plan, One Story that Leads to Jesus. If you are committed to reading through the whole Bible this year, join Reflections to study smaller passages of Scripture while you stay on track with the reading plan.

Familiar and New Friends

Each episode of Reflections includes commentary from familiar voices, Dr. Tim Mackie or Dr. Carissa Quinn. And this year, we are happy to introduce a new voice, Cheree Hayes, as our podcast host. Cheree is a writer and BibleProject team member who has been an integral part of developing our weekly Bible studies. Cheree is passionate about meditating on the Scriptures, and we can’t wait to see her bring Reflections to life.

Join us!

As we reflect on the brilliant story that leads to Jesus, our lives begin to reflect that same brilliance. Subscribe to Reflections wherever you enjoy podcasts and sign up to receive our weekly Reflections Bible study.

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