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The Bible Project is on Apple TV

We want to make sure our content is as accessible as possible, and so we are excited to offer the newest way to engage with us, Apple TV.

YouTube is a great publishing platform this side of the year 2000, but it is busy, can be distracting, and is optimized for mobile. Our new Apple TV app offers your family, Bible study, or youth room the ability to watch our entire library of content right from your TV.

Most likely questions

What do I need to download the new app? You will need a gen 4 Apple TV, or an Apple TV 4k (5th gen). You can use this GUIDE as an easy way to find your type of Apple TV. Shortcut: Generation 4 Apple TVs were launched in 2015 featuring a touch-pad remote.

Will you offer this on older Apple TV models? Unfortunately, we can't! Generation 3 Apple TV models currently come with 60 pre-installed apps, and Apple regularly adds new ones, but you can't install your own. That said, you can always use your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac, and stream them to your Apple TV via AirPlay.

Will you offer this on other streaming devices? We plan on it, but we don't have any hard dates! We have our eye on widely circulated streaming devices such as the Amazon Firestick and Roku.

Do you have any other apps? As of now, we only offer the Apple TV app officially. That said, our partners at YouVersion who made the Bible app for smartphones, and the Read Scripture Organization makes use of our content in another easy reader.

How to get started

Simply navigate to the app store from your Apple TV homepage and search for "the bible project", our app will be the only result. As with all our content, it is 100% Free.

Once it is successfully installed, open the app and you'll see a few options initially. The top-navigation bar gives you an opportunity to search through our content if you know what keyword you are looking for, or click on "learn more" for our intro video where Tim & Jon walk you through the different videos we offer.

The playlists mimic those we offer on our YouTube channel (minus all the other distractions), beginning with the 10 newest videos in the "featured" section.

If you need a help downloading apps to your Apple TV, watch this TUTORIAL

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