Royal Priests of Eden

What role did the humans have in Eden, and how did they lose it?

Watch and Discuss Together

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Describe or doodle a simple layout of the tabernacle. Now do the same for the basic design of Eden. What design features do these sacred spaces have in common?


Discuss what humans are invited to do in the garden of Eden and the tabernacle (e.g. Genesis 1:28; Genesis 2:15; Numbers 4:16; Ezekiel 40:45-46; 2 Chronicles 23:18; 2 Chronicles 23:4-6). What do these tasks have in common?


Why do humans rebel against God’s wisdom, and what are the consequences of this decision (e.g. Genesis 3, Proverbs 1:20-33, Jeremiah 2:7-9)?


What does God promise to do so that humans can regain access to the sacred space and fulfill their roles as royal priests (e.g. Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 53:4-6, Ezekiel 36:33-35)?


Take time to discuss other themes, questions, or key takeaways from what you learned together.

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