When We Cry Out

How does God respond when his people cry out to him? Listen to the podcast, reflect on some questions, and go deeper into study on your own or with a group. If you're participating in our reading plan One Story that Leads to Jesus, this Reflections Bible Study lines up with week 3.

Exodus 3
Exodus 19
Hebrews 12

When We Cry Out



Once you've listened to the short podcast, take time to reflect on these questions.


How has God met you in the midst of your past suffering?


Where do you currently sense a need for God’s rescue in your life?


How does God want to work through you to support others who are hurting this week?

Go Deeper

If you would like to dive deeper, use these Scriptures and questions for personal study or small group discussion.

The Exodus story reminds us that God is faithful to act on behalf of the hurting and the oppressed. He grieves when we suffer and can be trusted to respond with compassion. Feel free to reflect on all the questions or just a few right now. You can also reflect throughout the week by focusing on one question per day.

Message Question
How did Carissa’s message challenge or encourage you today?


As you review today’s passage, pay attention to the details. Notice repeated words and how each sentence connects to the next. What do you observe?


Horeb is later called Mount Sinai. Compare Moses’ experience with Yahweh at Horeb while the Israelites were in captivity (Exodus 3:1-8) with Moses’ experience with Yahweh at Sinai after the Israelites were set free (Exodus 19:16-25). Consider how Yahweh seeks to save and protect his people in both instances. What do you notice?


Notice how Yahweh is again depicted as a fire in Jerusalem (see Acts 2) and at the city’s fortress, Mount Zion (see Hebrews 12:18-29). How are these instances similar to and different from Moses’ encounter with Yahweh at the burning bush and at Mount Sinai? What do you observe?


Contemplate other Bible passages where Yahweh meets his people in literal fires or “fiery trials.” Read Isaiah 43:1-3 and Daniel 3:21-27, as well as 1 Peter 4:11-13. How do these passages encourage you in the midst of suffering?


How has God met you in the midst of your past suffering? Where do you currently sense a need for his rescue in your life?


God told Moses he would deliver the oppressed, and he called Moses to join him (Exodus 3:9-10). But Moses was reluctant. Why do you think Moses responded in this way? How did God help Moses overcome this attitude (Exodus 4:11-16)? How does God want to work through you to support his people this week? What are your hesitations, and how do you think God would address those today?


Turn your reflections into a prayer. Thank God for his rescuing power. Tell him where you need his rescuing power in your life. Ask for his help and seek him for new courage, wisdom, and creativity to advocate for the oppressed.


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