There’s Hope in the Nightmare

There’s so much pain and injustice in the world. Is there any hope? Listen to the podcast, reflect on some questions, and go deeper into study on your own or with a group. If you're participating in our reading plan One Story that Leads to Jesus, this Reflections Bible Study lines up with week 31.

Daniel 7

There’s Hope in the Nightmare



Once you've listened to the short podcast, take time to reflect on these questions.


How can the arrogant beasts in Daniel’s vision help you notice oppression in the culture around you?


How do you imagine the Kingdom of Jesus bringing hope to the oppression in your culture?


How can the Son of Man in Daniel’s vision inspire you to stand up to the oppression around you?

Go Deeper

If you would like to dive deeper, use these Scriptures and questions for personal study or small group discussion.

Message Question:
How did Carissa’s message challenge or encourage you today?

The book of Daniel explores what it means to be God’s people while living in a culture that is set against his values. How do God’s people remain faithful and confident in a situation like this? The strange dream in Daniel chapter 7 gives us some insight. In it we see there’s a kingdom ruled by the “Son of Man,” the one with all “authority, glory and sovereign power.” The oppressive rulers of this world will fail, but the Son of Man’s rule will never end. So when arrogant kings rise up, the people of God can look to a more powerful King. His name is Jesus, and all his followers are invited to live in the humble values of his Kingdom now, even while living amidst the kingdoms of Earth.


Take time to picture this fascinating scene from Daniel’s dream. Notice the appearance and actions of each character as well as the details of the setting. What stands out or surprises you?


Jesus alluded to Daniel's dream when he stood on trial before the arrogant religious leaders. After reading Luke 22:66-71, what do you observe as you compare it to Daniel 7:9-14?


There's a lot of pain and injustice in the world. How does Daniel’s dream of all nations and tongues worshiping together (verse 14) provide a vision of hope? What are some specific barriers in your community that keep this dream from being a reality today? What is one humble step toward unity you can take?


Take some time to pray. Express your awe towards the Ancient of Days and the Son of Man. Be honest about the ways you struggle to resist the arrogant kingdoms of this world, and ask for his courage to live out the humble and unifying values of his Kingdom.


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