Promise for New Hearts

God’s people have failed over and over again. Will there ever be a day when we get it right? Listen to the podcast, reflect on some questions, and go deeper into study on your own or with a group. If you're participating in our reading plan One Story that Leads to Jesus, this Reflections Bible Study lines up with week 28.

Ezekiel 36

Promise for New Hearts



Once you've listened to the short podcast, take time to reflect on these questions.


What is one specific area in your life that God has renewed by his Spirit? Share your story.


What is one specific thing that may be hindering your life with God’s Spirit?


What is one step you can take with God’s Spirit today to overcome that hindrance?

Go Deeper

If you would like to dive deeper, use these Scriptures and questions for personal study or small group discussion.

Message Question:
How did Tim’s message challenge or encourage you today?

God’s people have failed over and over again. Will there ever be a day when we get it right? The book of Ezekiel teaches us that while moral failures are costly, God is still faithful. He doesn’t abandon us. Instead, he promises to renew our hearts.


The people’s sin polluted the reputation of God’s name. As you carefully review today's passage, what does God specifically decide to do about it and why? Make a list.


With your list in mind, what does this response teach us about God’s character? How is this surprising or inspiring to you?


Consider how certain behaviors may have misrepresented God’s reputation to your family, coworkers, or neighborhood. What is one specific way you can cooperate with God’s Spirit to recover an accurate reflection of his character in those spaces?


Take some time to pray. Express your appreciation for God’s redemptive promises. Admit any specific areas where you or your community are failing to reflect God’s character. Seek to rely on his Spirit to renew his reflection in those areas.


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