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Featuring a short podcast or video and reflection questions to help you create space for the biblical story in your life.

Reflections Bible Study
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All Things New
What will it mean for God to make all things new, and how do we partner with him while we wait?
Revelation 21
Revelation 22
Isaiah 65
Genesis 2
Compromise or Faithfulness?
How do we avoid compromising our faithfulness to Jesus when we’re under stress and in pain?
Revelation 1-3
New Family Identity
Do you need a reminder of your identity and purpose within the family of God?
1 Peter 2
Isaiah 61
Isaiah 9
Perfect Through Hardship?
Life is hard, and humans are far from perfect, so what does it mean for God to make us perfect through the hardships of life?
James 1
Worth the Risk?
Following Jesus involves risk and tension. Is it really worth it?
2 Timothy 1
2 Timothy 2
Experiencing Jesus' New Creation
What does it mean to experience Jesus’ new creation on Earth?
Colossians 1
Colossians 2
Colossians 3
Sharing the Attitude of Jesus
How can we share the same self-giving attitude as Jesus?
Philippians 2
Genesis 3
Isaiah 45
What Matters to God?
What really matters to God when it comes to the Law?
Genesis 15
Galatians 3
Galatians 5
Galatians 6
Resurrection Hope and Purpose
How does Jesus’ resurrection open a whole new reality of hope and purpose?
1 Corinthians 15
Isaiah 25
Revelation 19
Revelation 21
Life and Peace in God’s Family
With despair and tension everywhere, how can we live in God’s family with peace?
Romans 8
Who Is Right?
Who is right, who is wrong, and what does righteousness even mean?
Romans 3
Good News Spreading Like Fire
Jesus has risen! So what do we need to spread this good news?
Acts 1
Acts 2
Recognizing Jesus
What do we have to understand to recognize who Jesus really is?
Luke 24
Upside-Down Kingdom
What does it look like for God’s Kingdom to come to Earth?
Luke 1
Jesus the “I Am”
What does it mean for Jesus to be the “I am?”
John 18
Light of the World
What does it mean for Jesus to be the light of the world?
John 1
Who Do You Say I Am?
What does it really mean for Jesus to be the messianic King? Is it all glory, peace, and power?
Mark 8
The Suffering Servant
How does Jesus reveal himself as the Messianic King?
Matthew 27
Isaiah 53
The Baptism of Jesus
What is the significance of Jesus' baptism?
Matthew 3
Looking Back to Look Forward
Is the book of Chronicles just a rerun of stories we’ve already been told? How does it help us understand where the story of the Bible leads?
2 Chronicles 36
Treasured by God
When we’re overwhelmed by the state of our world, what should we do?
Malachi 3
There’s Hope in the Nightmare
There’s so much pain and injustice in the world. Is there any hope?
Daniel 7
Who Does God Choose to Work Through?
What kind of person does God choose to work through most often? Can he work through us?
Esther 4
Is God Inclusive?
Ezra and Nehemiah weren’t exactly model characters for godliness and reform. So what can we learn from their stories?
Ezra 4
Isaiah 56
Promise for New Hearts
God’s people have failed over and over again. Will there ever be a day when we get it right?
Ezekiel 36
Learning How to Grieve from Lamentations
How can we get through grief?
Lamentations 3
The Deep Anguish of God
Why is there so much anger and violence in the Old Testament prophets?
Jeremiah 4
1 Thessalonians 5
Wisdom from Sensual Love Poetry?
How do we gain wisdom from sensual Hebrew love poetry?
Song of Songs 8
One Handful of Rest
How can we approach our responsibilities in life with wisdom and a healthy mindset?
Ecclesiastes 4
Power of Metaphor
What is the purpose of metaphor in the Bible?
Isaiah 42
How to Live Wisely
What does it mean to fear God and be wise?
Proverbs 1
How God Replies to Job’s Suffering
What do we need to remember in the midst of our suffering?
Job 38
Job 42
God’s Mercy on Our Enemy
How can we show God’s mercy to people who’ve hurt us?
Jonah 4
Exodus 34
1 Kings 19
What God Wants from Us
Why does God want a relationship with us?
Hosea 14
What Good News Looks Like
How is God at work in the world today?
Isaiah 61
Luke 4
Message of the Prophets
Who are the Hebrew prophets, and why are they so intense?
Isaiah 1
Psalm 51
1 John 1
What God Does about Suffering
Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?
2 Kings 25
Romans 8
Redeeming Disappointment
What should we do when people disappoint us?
1 Kings 6
Faithful Through Failure
How does God respond to our failure?
2 Samuel 7
Isaiah 53
John 19
When You Feel Powerless
What should we do when life is unfair?
1 Samuel 1
1 Samuel 2
Luke 1
How God Treats His Enemies
Ruth came from a nation that violently opposed God's people.
Ruth 2
Matthew 23
When We Walk Out on God
What happens when we turn our backs on God?
Judges‬ ‭2
1 Timothy 6
Deuteronomy 4
Making Sense of Divine Violence
Isn't God loving?
Joshua 1
2 Corinthians 10
Romans 8
Understanding Ancient Law
What’s the point of reading Old Testament laws today?
Leviticus 5
Deuteronomy 30
Romans 8
God's Wisdom on Display
Why did God give his people so many rules?
Deuteronomy 4
Trusting God in the Wilderness
When times get hard, will we trust in God's character?
Numbers 13
Numbers 14
Gift of Rest
What is the biblical significance of rest, and why is it important for Christians?
Leviticus 25
Matthew 11
Meaning of Sacrifice
Why did God's people practice animal sacrifice?
Hebrews 10
Rescued for a Purpose
Why does God rescue his people? What's the point?
Exodus 19
1 Peter 2
When We Cry Out
How does God respond when his people cry out to him?
Exodus 3
Exodus 19
Hebrews 12
Wrestling God
Did God really pick a fight with Jacob in the middle of the night?
Genesis 32
Ephesians 1
Ephesians 2
Why God Gave Choice
Why does God give humanity a choice to obey him?
Genesis 1
Genesis 2
Genesis 3
Our Final Podcast Episode
Meet the whole Reflections team in a special final episode. They’ll share why we decided to wrap up the podcast portion of the Bible study and how you can continue to walk through the Bible with Reflections for the rest of this year.
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