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Dr. Carissa Quinn
For many of us, the word “gospel” has lost its potency and power.

The word “gospel” has become commonplace in many Christian traditions, and for many of us, the word has lost its potency and power. So in this week’s Bible Study, we are looking at how the Bible uses this word and the nuance that can get lost in translation. The word comes from the Greek word euangelion, and it simply means “good announcement” or “good news.” But it’s not just any kind of news. Euangelion most often refers to a royal announcement about a new king. So when Jesus’ followers proclaim the Gospel, they are announcing that Jesus is King. Listen to the message below to learn more about this good news and why Jesus wasn’t the king the people expected. This revolutionary gospel is no less relevant today, and this week we invite you to reflect on what it means for Jesus to be King.


Listen to a short message from Carissa on the word Gospel in the Bible. You can listen to this on your own or with a group. If you are leading a small group or family, feel free to listen to the message and contextualize it for your needs.
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Carissa's Message on Gospel
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Read and Discuss

Reflection 1:

Video Question

Before watching this video, how did you understand the word “gospel?” How did this video change or add to your understanding?

Message Question

Share one idea that taught, encouraged, or challenged you as you listened to Carissa’s message.

Jesus invites all to respond with allegiance to his role as King. Allegiance to King Jesus means turning toward him with trust in our minds, emotions, and actions. It means, joining with him and his way of life, aligning our lives with his character, and asking the Holy Spirit to empower, fill, and inspire us to live it all out. This new way of being is laid out so beautifully in the Sermon on the Mount. There we see that life under King Jesus involves forgiveness, generosity, humility, and seeking peace for all. It’s a life defined by love for God and for others.

Reflection 1:

What verse caught your attention most and why?

Reflection 2:

In many kingdoms, those at the top are rich and don’t think they need anything. But in Jesus’ Kingdom, the favored are those who understand their great need. They receive everything from him (vs. 3). What are your spiritual, emotional, and/or physical needs today?

Reflection 3:

In many kingdoms, temporary comforts are pursued to avoid pain. But in Jesus’ Kingdom, those who weep with Jesus over the pain of this world will receive his eternal comfort (vs. 4). Share a story of a time when you, or someone you know, mourned with those who were suffering.

Reflection 4:

In many kingdoms, power hungry bullies are often rewarded with more possessions and property. But in Jesus’ Kingdom, the gentle will receive the earth (vs. 5). Gentleness requires tremendous restraint and patience. Who is someone you would describe as gentle?

Reflection 5:

Pray in response to Jesus’ description of his Kingdom. Talk to God about what inspired amazement, how you agree with his message, where you struggle, and what you need in order to embody your allegiance to King Jesus.

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